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The Importance of a Policy and Procedures Manual for Small Businesses

March 17, 2020

A policy and procedures manual is just what is says, an outline of all the key procedures for various processes within the business. Although a policy and procedures manual can be a lot of work and it would not seem to be that important with so many other pressing concerns in the early stages of growing the company, when you start hiring employees, even just a couple, it can greatly simplify things. Having clear instructions for things like making changes to the code on the server and outlines of appropriate use of company emails can both save a lot of time explaining things and even more importantly dealing with mistakes and potential issues with employees.

The manual should also include steps in the event of an issue, such as warnings escalating to dismissal. One day it may be necessary to fire an employee, and in today’s litigious work environment, this may be difficult to do unless you have clear cause. Without understood guidelines regarding performance and policy and procedures, proving cause may not be possible. A well written policy and procedures manual shared with employees when they start their employment will help to eliminate any debate over whether any specific “rules” were broken, and will make the termination go much more smoothly.

A policy and procedures manual can be a work in progress too. It is not necessary to have a complete volume finished before your first hire. Start putting together a few key items when you begin operations and add to this as things come to mind. Before you know it, you will have a very comprehensive and complete manual.

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