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No More Than 1 – 2 Drinks with Potential Investors

March 9, 2020

Drinking With Potential Investors

Although it is important to sometimes build rapport with a potential investor, it is best to do this in a non-alcoholic or limited alcohol environment.  Meeting for lunch or after work and having a beer may be a good way to open up and discuss the opportunity, but be sure that the prospect sets the tone and orders first.  Limit it to one or two drinks only.  Sometimes it can be tempting to go out “on the town” with a potential investor, but staying out all night and getting drunk rarely will produce anything more than a hangover.  Firstly, even if the prospect indicates that he’s interested in investing, he either won’t remember the next day or feel like he was compromised when he made the decision.  Plus, it just doesn’t look good if you’re out partying, even if he is.  Shouldn’t you be focused on the business?  Stick to coffee and if drinking, no more than 1-2 drinks.

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